Mammal Museum

Overview » The Mammal Museum explores themes on what it means to be human. My challenge was to visualize a cohesive brand that appeals to visitors and works across various platforms. A follow up to this project is to create an exhibition curated by this museum.


Playful, clean, accessible, educational


Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

Art Direction

Dermot Mac Cormack

Logo & Visual Direction » Since human condition is an abstract theme, my early sketches explored basic shapes and letter-forms. I chose the “double m” mark for its friendly, adaptable quality. The color palette was kept to bright orange on gray paper to balance professionalism with a fun touch.

Understanding Visitors » This kind of museum would want to attract a broad range of visitors. Not only artists and scholars, but families, school groups, tourists, and more. To reach this goal, its brand had to feel accessible and friendly to people.

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