Labyrinths Exhibition

Overview » Labyrinths: the timeless mystery is a smart museum exhibition that encourages visitors to reflect and wander. (It takes place within the Mammal Museum, and is a follow up to that project.) This would be a space that brings together ancient artifacts, artwork, 3D models, and installations. I wanted it to appeal to engineers, architects, historians, and the spiritual community as well.


Mystery, explore, educational, brainy


Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, WordPress CMS / Divi, InVision

Art Direction

Dermot Mac Cormack

Applying the Brand » To promote the exhibition, I created a brand system that was applied across a teaser video, printed catalog, website, and a mobile app game. For overall visitor experience, I looked to the work being done at the Science Gallery Dublin. It’s an institution like the Mammal Museum, known for their innovative exhibitions popular with the younger generation.

Catalog » How to design a book about a topic like this? In my research, I found that labyrinths can be seen in ancient history, art, architecture, science, literature, and even game design. The difficulty I faced was how to connect all this content together. Eventually, I came up with long-running, horizontal bars for the book’s layout to fit that theme.

Video Ad » My idea for this ad was to bring the viewer into a playful, meandering journey. That’s why a mixed media approach worked nicely. It was also important for me to convey that this exhibition is curated by the Mammal Museum. So I took a piece of the Mammal Museum’s logo and had it become a part of the Labyrinths exhibition logo by the end.

Website » Visitors can use the website to plan their visit, book a guided tour of the show, and sign up for an event. This responsive site was built on the WordPress CMS, custom designed with the Divi builder platform.

Mobile App Game » Visitors, especially kids, are encouraged to draw and walk labyrinths featured in the exhibition with this lightweight game. Each day you get to unlock a new labyrinth. This could be a great way for the Museum to keep their audience engaged after leaving the exhibition.

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