A Brief History of Toilet Paper

Overview » What was life like before toilet paper? A Brief History of Toilet Paper is a short, light-hearted animation that traces how this everyday commodity we take for granted came to be.


light-hearted, friendly, educational


After Effects, Illustrator

Art Direction

Sean Brodbeck

Visual Direction » For this piece, I was inspired by the fluid animation style of a whimsical NYTimes video essay. My goal was to animate lines & shapes building on top of one another, smooth transitions, and sync scenes visually with audio.

Process » This was an exercise in motion graphics production, from story-boarding to script-writing to working with audio. These were a few of my initial sketches, as well as a behind the scenes look at how I prepared each shape, line, and pattern on separate layers to put together in After Effects.

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About Robin

A work in progress designer. You can find me wandering around at meetups and bookstores in Philly / central Jersey. These days, I’ve been reading a good book and working on a freelance WP project.

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What else? I’m curious about how we can make modern tools work for people. So any role that lets me bring customers into how everyday products and services are made would be a nice fit. Think user research and testing, interaction design, or content strategy. The emerging technology space is always changing, so I’m always learning.

Places I’ve Been

UX Design intern at an educational software company

Design intern at a multicultural creative agency

Graphic Design intern at a coworking startup


Web & interface design, branding, user research

Adobe Creative Cloud, Sketch, InVision, HTML5 & CSS3, Sublime Text, WordPress CMS, and a plain whiteboard

Chinese (Mandarin)