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Overview » Frontline Education is a B2B software company serving the administrative needs of K-12 schools. As a UX design intern, I created a proof of concept for an offsite travel management app for Frontline’s employees. Here I got to try the entire experience design landscape: strategy, research, prototyping, testing, interface design, and development hand-off.


enteprise, MVP, business strategy, user research


Sketch, Axure, OptimalSort, InVision, Zeplin

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Frontline’s User & Learning Experience team

The Big Idea » The app helps employees coordinate travel plans with coworkers and easily plan for sales presentations, maintenance visits, training workshops, and special events. I imagine it as part of a larger system, where data is integrated with or 'talks' with the company's existing tools. For this to work, there ought to be a desktop version of the app used by onsite managers. But with the time I had, I focused on fleshing out the on-the-go app that would be used by employees.

Personas » To understand user needs, I distilled my interviews with salespersons, product managers, event planners, integrations specialists, and client service reps into three user groups. Then, I translated the highest priority tasks into app features. These are the 3 groups I focused on:

Prototyping & Content Strategy » After working out the best way to organize and label the app’s contents with a card sort, I tested my prototypes with some employees.

Interface Design » With the feedback I got, I designed an interface with a clear information hierarchy, minimal color palette, and practical icon system. My end-goal was a minimum viable product that truly met the needs of specific employees, while meeting business and technical constraints.

Development Handoff » The last and most important step. This is a presentation I put together to make sure that a dev team would have everything they need to get started.

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A work in progress designer. You can find me wandering around at meetups and bookstores in Philly / central Jersey. These days, I’ve been reading a good book and working on a freelance WP project.

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What else? I’m curious about how we can make modern tools work for people. So any role that lets me bring customers into how everyday products and services are made would be a nice fit. Think user research and testing, interaction design, or content strategy. The emerging technology space is always changing, so I’m always learning.

Places I’ve Been

UX Design intern at an educational software company

Design intern at a multicultural creative agency

Graphic Design intern at a coworking startup


Web & interface design, branding, user research

Adobe Creative Cloud, Sketch, InVision, HTML5 & CSS3, Sublime Text, WordPress CMS, and a plain whiteboard

Chinese (Mandarin)