Frontline Mobile

Overview » Frontline Education is a B2B software company serving the administrative needs of K-12 schools. As a UX design intern, I created a proof of concept for an offsite travel management app for Frontline’s employees. Here I got to try the entire experience design landscape: strategy, research, prototyping, testing, interface design, and development hand-off.


enteprise, MVP, business strategy, user research


Sketch, Axure, OptimalSort, InVision, Zeplin

Shoutout to

Frontline’s User & Learning Experience team

The Big Idea » The app helps employees coordinate travel plans with coworkers and easily plan for sales presentations, maintenance visits, training workshops, and special events. I imagine it as part of a larger system, where data is integrated with or 'talks' with the company's existing tools. For this to work, there ought to be a desktop version of the app used by onsite managers. But with the time I had, I focused on fleshing out the on-the-go app that would be used by employees.

Personas » To understand user needs, I distilled my interviews with salespersons, product managers, event planners, integrations specialists, and client service reps into three user groups. Then, I translated the highest priority tasks into app features. These are the 3 groups I focused on:

Prototyping & Content Strategy » After working out the best way to organize and label the app’s contents with a card sort, I tested my prototypes with some employees.

Interface Design » With the feedback I got, I designed an interface with a clear information hierarchy, minimal color palette, and practical icon system. My end-goal was a minimum viable product that truly met the needs of specific employees, while meeting business and technical constraints.

Development Handoff » The last and most important step. This is a presentation I put together to make sure that a dev team would have everything they need to get started.

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