Dude My Makeup Challenge

Overview » Dude My Makeup is a social media campaign that debunks stereotypes of masculinity with empathy. Male* participants commit to wearing some form of makeup for a week. They are encouraged to talk about their experience on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with #MakeupHasNoGender.

*anyone who identifies as male


gender equality, empathy, social, impact


Photoshop, Illustrator, Muse

Art Direction

Dermot Mac Cormack

Website » This one-page scrolling website explains the purpose and rules of the Challenge, and is where participants can sign up. It also provides helpful articles and video tutorials participants can reference.

Visual Direction » To stay true to this mission, the Dude My Makeup brand had to be gender-neutral – not like typical beauty brands in the market. My solution was skin tone colors grounded by dark blue paired with bold, eye-catching type. The participants are actually the most important part of this campaign – my role was to design a platform for their writing and photos.

Packaging » Participants can order this simple makeup kit as part of this activity. Their purchases will be donated to non-profit organizations such as The Representation Project to support the cause.

T-shirts » Another example of merchandise that can be purchased as part of this campaign.

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